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Goal: $500

All proceeds go into making the server better/building more servers
Will allow more servers, will make RubyDragon Murder, RubyDragon Prophunt and many others go online

Please Include Steam:ID with your donation so that we can verify your donation.

After your donation has been completed send a Private Message (PM) with the following details to Sebastian:
  • Steam:ID
  • Transaction Number
Once verified you'll have the rank you donated for.

$5 - Basic Package

45,000 points
1 free perk item

$25 Community Supporter Package

500,000 points
2 custom playermodels (may take time)
1 custom weapon (may take time/no special powers. I don't know how to do that lol.)

$10 - Premium Package

100,000 points
1 free perk item
1 custom playermodel (may take time)

$45+ Community Pillar Package

Rank name of your choice
1,000,000 points
Custom playermodel
Custom Weapon (non-KOS unless attacking guard)
Custom trail (once I learn how)