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Jailbreak Rules

General Rules

  1. Do not free kill. Results in a slay. (Warn if it was a clear accident, otherwise slay, ban if mass freekill or constant free killing. 3+ more is mass freekill.) If you leave after free killing you will be banned permanently. No exceptions. People who free kill purposely will ALWAYS be permanently banned from the server.
  2. The first day on a new map is always a free day.
  3. No detours and delays is implied on ALL commands unless otherwise specified. (Cheating is included; I.E running to the end of climb, or other mini games.)
  4. Talking over Warden will result in a mute. I.E Talking about nonsense/screaming over mic. (Prisoners however will have a small chance of not being muted, but they can be if an admin feels it is necessary.)
  5. If a Guard is baiting (within knife-range while following warden's orders), Prisoners may kill them without consequence. (Excludes free days unless stated otherwise by warden.) (Running to knife a Guard is not within knife-range) (Continuous baiting may get you kicked)
  6. Ghosting (giving information learned while dead to a living player) is strictly forbidden. Unless somebody is afk.
  7. Last Guard may camp. Otherwise do not camp.
  8. When there's only 1 Prisoner left, Prisoner's can have a last request, includes war days.
  9. Warden may not call more than 2 free days in a row. No consecutive workdays. (Warden may not call a free day then next round warday or vise versa.)
  10. If cells are open and no orders have been given it is a free day.
  11. No orders that involve prisoners being in a closed cell.
  12. Admins have complete discretion to fire a Warden or remove a Guard who they feel is disrupting the flow of the game. (Please be fair with punishment)(I.E Don’t perma ban for one accidental free kill.)
  13. If warden says "If you answer this question right you get last request." Then changes his mind to the prize of death (Or something similar) after somebody gets the right answer, Warden must restart his game. (If not he will be slayed.)
  14. If war-day is called no orders may be given.
  15. Do not exploit anything on any map, you will be banned. For instance, door spamming so players cannot get out of a room.
  16. A prisoner cannot receive Lr off of an existing Lr. (Ex: If a prisoner gets a free day from Lr, they cannot get it the round they have free day.)
  17. If a player wishes to play a game unknown to the server they must first explain it to an admin.(The highest ranking admin online will decide.)(If more than one high ranking admin is on and they cannot agree the game will not be allowed until discussed further.)(If no admins are online the game may not be played.)
  18. During an opinionated game the last two prisoners must be judged before one is killed.
  19. During rape day/feed the beast the last two guards must go in the cell at the same time.
  20. Afk Freeze = No Movement, Prisoner's may talk on mic or type. Freeze= WASD, Prisoner's may jump, crouch and look around unless stated to face somewhere. Doing any act commands is NOT AFK frozen. (Includes X+Z axis movement.)
  21. If admins notice players are exploiting the LR system, they may deny an LR at their discretion.
  22. Peace Days may not be for one or two prisoners it Must be for all
  23. [This rule does not apply if all guards do not have a mic] Text to speech is not considered a mic, so when a warden attempts to use text to speech, it will be a free day.
  24. If all guards are dead besides the warden then it becomes an automatic freeday, this only applies if there are more than three guards. ( LGR is still valid as with LGR all prisoners are kos )
  25. All prisoners on a freedday from previous rounds last request will be auto-rebel once the recepiant for the last request has been chosen
  26. Prisoners with the LR have until they Spawn in the next round to type or speak their LR. After spawning in their cell or in the armory (if they switched teams), the LR cannot be given.
  27. Ping masking is considered an exploit, do not use it.

Guard Specific Rules

  1. Guard's may NOT kill a Prisoner for being TO or ON an object. (I.E Prisoner's are NEAR the line but not ON it; Prisoner's are ON the ledge of a pool but were supposed to be TO the pool. These are perfectly fine and you may not kill them.)
  2. Guard's may not kill a Prisoner for being outside of cells UNTIL warden has given orders.
  3. Guard's may not break any unopened vents, unless they’re stuck with no other exit.
  4. Guard's may enter a vent ONLY if the vent is open. Deliberate camping of vents/teleporters (in and out) is not allowed(for vents if “LGR” is in effect or a “warday” they are allowed to camp them).
  5. If a Prisoner has a holstered primary you must ask them to drop it within 3 seconds before killing them. Unholstered primaries are KOS (Secondary’s must always be asked to drop even if it’s unholstered.) Failure to do drop weapons when asked deems you a rebel.
  6. Guard's may only kill prisoners if:
    1. - They disobey an order given by the Warden
    2. - They fail a challenge given by the Warden and try to run away.
    3. - They are rebelling
  7. The last Guard may go anywhere and kill any remaining Prisoner’s except Last Prisoner so he can have last request. Last guard ONLY takes effect when there's 3 OR MORE Guards on the guard team!
  8. The Warden is the only one allowed to give orders unless otherwise specified. (Excludes asking people to drop guns/grenades, reminding people what the order is.) However you must know exactly what the order is if you remind people.
  9. You may play dodge the bullet and similar games.
  10. Guard's may not shoot a Prisoner for getting close to you on a free day
  11. All opinionated games must be voted upon by guards not just the warden.
  12. NO GUN PLANTING. Simple stuff people. ( Giving a gun to a prisoner as a guard )
  13. Only the warden can issue a DR. if the warden is dead, accept the LR and finish the round.
  14. Guards do not have to listen to an order that will kill them like standing next to a prisoner afk frozen etc. (feed the beast/rape day and minigames that may or may not involve death do apply to this rule)

Warden Specific Rules

  1. If you "trick" the prisoners, the warden must tell guards to not kill the prisoners not being tricked (in team chat).
  2. If cell doors are not opened within the first minute, or are opened before any VALID commands are given, it's a freeday. First incell order must either start with or end with "By the time the cell doors open" (or some variation of it) for out of cell command with cells closed "When cell doors open go _____"
  3. The warden may not restrict weapons from guards unless it is for a game or part of a Last Request, otherwise it will be considered harassment.
  4. If at any point the warden excuses a player from a game they may not receive LR that round.
  5. The warden may not intentionally make orders hard to hear.(Ex. mumbling,speaking too fast,etc.)
  6. If the warden says somebody has a pardon they are pardon. Warden may give rules for the Prisoner to follow. (I.E Shift walk backwards.) (Pardons do not need to be guaranteed.)
  7. The warden may not make prisoners stay in closed cells.
  8. Warden must have a valid reason to call all Prisoners on mic are rebels. I.E Prisoners constantly talking over warden. (Admins may mute Prisoners if they feel it’s disruptive for the warden.)
  9. The warden cannot give unfair and or contradicting orders(Ex. "The floor is lava all prisoners who touch it will die, 1 minute later "All prisoners touch this wall).
  10. Warden MUST repeat at least once if the Prisoner's ask for a repeat. Warden must explain a challenge if asked to. Warden must explain rules for free days/wardays. (If they do not it is a regular freeday.)
  11. The Warden Must explain War Days, Peace Days, and Extermination Days.


  • Entire armory building all floors
  • All vents/shortcuts
  • Metal hallway leading to armory
  • Four Squares' and Simon Says Machines's water
  • Guard towers


  • Armory Stairs (unless KOS orders given that designate that a kos area)
  • Evacuation area (NEVER KOS)


  • Feed the beast
  • Extermination day
  • Lava day
  • American Idol
  • First/last reaction
  • Dodge the bullet
  • Simon says
  • Rap battle
  • What's in the box?
  • Table boxing
  • Bed boxing (same as above but they fight on a bed)

Getting onto the Jailbreak Server

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