ARK Survival Evolved

Ark Server Version 279.252

The principle concept for our ARK server is a friendly, cooperative, community based PvE server. The idea is for us to help each other and to have fun surviving and building together. The rules for the server and the game settings are designed around this idea.


Ark News

ARK Shutdown

  • Posted August 4th 2016, 7:46 AM
  • By Krahazik

The ARK server has been shut down and will remain down until further notice.
If there is sufficient interest in the community for a new server, and funds available, we may start-up a new ARK Server.

ARK Server Shutting Down

  • Posted August 2nd 2016, 9:41 AM
  • By Krahazik

Our Ark server will be shutting down August 4, 2016.

The Ark server we are currently running we are leasing from and our subscription will end on August 4, 2016. At this time we do not have sufficient funds or activity to renew the subscription to the server. If there is sufficient interest in the community for us to bring up the ark server again, and funding is available, we may consider resuming a new Ark subscription to start a new community Ark…

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mats wanted for alchemy

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Last post: April 5th 2017, 12:39 AM

Base Construction Plan

  • By Krahazik
  • 1 post

Last post: April 3rd 2017, 1:20 PM

ARK Mods

  • By Krahazik
  • 1 post

Last post: July 25th 2016, 8:58 AM

ARK Applications

  • By Krahazik
  • 1 post

Last post: July 24th 2016, 4:40 PM

Open Server

  • By SergalFloof
  • 1 post

Last post: July 17th 2016, 5:13 PM

ARK Survival Evolved Rules

General Rules

  1. Do not raid other player's bases, or steal other player's items.
  2. Do not enter the private home of another player without permission.
  3. Do not enter the clan area or base of a tribe which you do not belong to without permission.
  4. If you are granted perpetual permission to enter a private home, or tribe base, that permission must be in writing (using in-game note paper) in duplicate. One copy kept by the player who is granted permission, and one copy kept by the player or tribe granting permission.

Getting onto the ARK Server

The ARK servers are running on a white-list. If you would like to join the community on the ARK server you will need to apply to be added to the white-list via the applications forum.
Before you post your application, you will need to make sure your profile is complete. Your profile needs to have the following information:

  • Current Steam Name
  • Steam ID64

If you do not know how to find your steam ID64 number, you can use the website to find it.

Once that is done an admin will review your application ad add you to the white list.

ARK Required Mods

Here you will find a list of mods that are required for our community ARK server.
A list of the active mods used can also be found in RedKobold's Steam Collection Floof Dragon

  1. 497432858 MRRadTools.INC Content Pack
  2. 566885854 Death Helper
  3. 566887000 Pet Finder
  4. 731604991 Structures Plus
  5. 757669231 Echo's Stacking Storage v2.2.3
  6. 671591278 OriginalWiredSolarPanels v2.1
  7. 642935680 Recycler
  8. 760561402 Rotten Box
  9. 693416678 Reusable Plus
  10. 761535755 Ultra Stacks
  11. 833246559 Triangle Ramp
  12. 749466101 Advanced Rafts
  13. 866719397 Tekbench

Potential Starting Mods

The following mods are being considered for our ARK community server.
Discussion related to ARK mods can be found in this forum.

Additional Considerations:

These are mods which the server may not start with, but which may be added later depending on the number of people, number of tribes, and size of tribes active on the server.
  1. 539464369 Advanced Architecture Mod
  2. 668239751 The Middle Ages

Mods being Watched:

These are mods which have nice concepts potential, but have bugs or other issues which need to be resolved before they can be used.
  1. 695990475 Carts and Wagons - Has some problems with the mod breaking if you run or have a dino run while hitched to a wagon.
  2. 699984901 Medieval Tavern - Has some nice accessories, but structural pieces have some scalling issues that still need worked out.
  3. 720589867 Dino Power - Problems with electricity preventing its use at the moment. Good potential.

ARK Servers Hosts

All prices are in USD, paid Quarterly:
$36/10 Slots; $77.00/30 Slots; $89/40 Slots; $97/50 Slots; $105/60 Slots