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China's Guangzhou Evergrande won the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Club of the Year award here on Tuesday.

Guangzhou Evergrande became the first Chinese team since 1990 to win the AFC Champions League. They drew 1-1 at home with FC Seoul in the second leg of the final on Nov. 11 Fernandinho Brazil Jersey , claiming the title on away goals after the first game in South Korea ended 2-2.

"Thanks to the players and coaches, thanks to AFC, thanks to Chinese Football Assiciation (CFA) for this award, I hope I can have a chance to give a long talk here in the award ceremony next year," said Liu Yongzhuo Cassio Brazil Jersey , Evergrande club chief.

The AFC Champions League victory makes Guangzhou's Italian coach Marcello Lippi the first coach to win the Champions Leagues of Asia and Europe, following his 1996 success with Juventus.

Guangzhou Evergrande, the biggest-spending club in China, promoted from League One to the Chinese Super League in the 2010 season, and swept the top flight titles in 2011 Paulinho Brazil Jersey , 2012 and 2013.

The team boasts famous coach Lippi and the all-conquering trio up front in Asia, Muriqui and Elkeson from Brazil and Conca from Argentina. Muriqui has just been named the AFC foreign player of the year.

Furthermore, most of the team's Chinese starters are national team members, including skipper Zheng Zhi, who has just been awarded the AFC Player of the Year.

At the AFC annual awards ceremony Danilo Brazil Jersey , the Chinese Football Association (CFA) has been bestowed the inaugural AFC Inspiring Member Association of the Year award.

If you expect your competitors to be gentle and caring towards you and not hamper your growth, it is like asking a Lion in the jungle to not to eat you as you are not eating him. The business world is nothing less than a jungle. The business world is all about the survival of the fittest. Especially the present business scenario appears to be ruthlessly competitive and one needs to adhere to new business techniques in order to shine out the competitors. In this article I have compiled some very useful tips as to how you can beat your competitor in business-

1. Know your competitors: If you wish to outshine your competitors, it is important to know about them. If you don’t know about their strengths and weaknesses how would you beat them? Be a great spy in this regard. Know how your biggest competitor plays, how they manage their operations, etc. You don’t need to copy them but keep in mind their loopholes so that you can make them as your strengths Marquinhos Brazil Jersey , please the customers and give a healthy competition.

2. Adhere to efficient management system: The management system plays a very eminent role in the success of your company. No matter how big or small your competition is, nothing will work out well if your management system is not efficient enough. Use Sage Management Softwares, which are considered as the best, for efficiently managing the company. If you don’t know how to use them, learn them through a sage training course.

3. Invest in Branding: Many new entrepreneurs make the mistake of playing with the cost in order to outshine the competitors. Let me tell you that it is not a very smart move you should rather invest in branding of the company. Remember that in a market Marcelo Brazil Jersey , their will always be someone who would offer the same product or service at a cheaper rate than yours, then how would you sustain. The answer is- Branding. Branding leads to customer relationship building. If you do apt branding for your company, it will lead to brand recall, brand preference, customer loyalty (if the service is satisfying) etc. Transforming your company into a brand is a long process that must be done very carefully.

4. Be innovative: No matter what your business is Philippe Coutinho Brazil Jersey , innovation is the shortcut to success. History has witnessed that innovations have taken companies to an all new level much higher above where they earlier were. Innovation can’t e confined to any one operation of your company. It can be in production, marketing, branding or any other operation. Innovation always pays off.

5. Help your employees in upgrading their skills: The human resource is considered as the backbone of any company. The efficient they would be the faster the company would grow. You must help your employees in upgrading their skills. If they wish to purse a skill enhancement course, then you must help them with it. For example, you can pay half of the amount spent on a Sage IAB course pursed by your finance department professional. This would not just improve the skill set of that particular employee but would also prompt others to pursue a course and upgrade their skills as the company would help them too. This way your employees will develop sheer skills Neymar Jr Brazil Jersey , work with optimum efficiency and ultimately help the company outshine the competitors.

As plans to build over a dozen hydropower stations on Yunnan Province's Nujiang River seem to have been shelved due to environmental concerns, residents are still struggling in one of China's poorest regions. Environmental NGOs and some local officials are arguing that turning the region into a national park might be a solution to its stagnant economic growth.

The Nujiang River winds its way through "China's Grand Canyon" in Gongshan county, Southwest China's Yunnan province. Photo: IC

As one travels up the Nujiang River valley, terraced rice fields become more narrow on the increasingly precipitous mountains, perching on which are huts built with strips of woven bamboo or logs owned by people from ethic minority groups such as the Lisu and Nu peoples.

The scarcity of arable land means that residents of the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture Gabriel Jesus Brazil Jersey , South. David Luiz Brazil Jersey   Emil Bergstrom Sweden Jersey   Jordi Alba Spain Jersey   Julio Dominguez Mexico Jersey   Lukas Podolski Germany Jersey   Cheap Manchester United Jerseys   Cheap Manchester City FC Jerseys   Cheap FC Borussia Dortmund Jerseys   Wholesale Bayern Munich Jerseys   Wholesale Barcelona Jerseys

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