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St. Petersburg, July 13 (Xinhua) – The team manager of the Russian Premier League side Zenit Mircea Lucescu thinks that the playstyle of the team will completely change without Hulk and Axel Witsel, TASS reported on Wednesday.

According to Lucescu, the FC Zenit is now left without the key players of the previous football season: Danny is injured, Hulk signed a contract with the Chinese FC Shanghai SIPG and Witsel is waiting for a transfer. Thus the team needs two or three new players.

Lucescu has already said earlier that Zenit's playstyle will change completely without Hulk, who was the main attack force of the team for years.

The Romanian was assigned as the manager of Zenit in the end of May, replacing Andre Villas-Boas. Enditem


MEXICO CITY Linval Joseph Vikings Jersey , March 13 (Xinhua) – Mexico's national team climbed a rung to place in 20th place in the monthly world ranking in 2014, the world football governing body announced Thursday.

The March ranking by the International Federation of Associated Football (FIFA) showed Mexico in second-best place regionally, with 888 points.

Ahead of Mexico with a total of 1,017 points are the United States, which belong to the same geographic grouping, the Concacaf (Confederation of North American Teddy Bridgewater Vikings Jersey , Central American and Caribbean Football Associations).

While Mexico advanced, the United States slipped a rung to land in the 14th place, according to the updated ranking posted on FIFA 's website.

The top five teams are the same as last month's, with Spain leading with 1,510 points, followed by Germany (1 Everson Griffen Vikings Jersey ,336), Argentina (1,234), Portugal (1,199) and Colombia (1,283).

Mexico moved up a notch in the past 30 days after playing a friendly against Nigeria Dalvin Cook Vikings Jersey , ranked 47th. The game ended in a 0-0 draw that nevertheless helped boost the Latin American team.

Trailing behind the U.S. and Mexico in the Concacaf is Panama, which climbed three rungs to rank 29th, with 755 points.

Panama has made major progress, ranking 38th less than a year ago, in November 2013.

Costa Rica climbed a slot to 34th place, with 732 points Sam Bradford Vikings Jersey , while Honduras climbed from 40th place to 36th, with 725 points.

Trinidad and Tobago climbed one spot to 76th place, with 446 points, while El Salvador (78), Haiti (79) and Jamaica (80) kept their earlier ranking.

Cuba climbed five rungs (93) and the Dominican Republic (111) and Guatemala (126) remained in the same slots.

" In my last article I was talking about how while we re all told to do this and do that to lead healthier lives, it can be hard to get good advice on HOW to incorporate this and that into our lives Adam Thielen Vikings Jersey , including eating healthy and reducing stress and I then went on to offer some tips on how to incorporate mild exercise into our lives.

Today I want to follow that up with a look at how we can reduce stress in our lives and coping with the effects of stress using meditation techniques I m no expert on meditation and have no medical training, but I have tried some of these things and know what works for me.

Before I move onto meditation, I want you to think about when you feel stress in your life. Is it because of work, your personal situation, a particular person or circumstance, or something else completely? Sometimes we become stressed because of our own reaction to a situation Stefon Diggs Vikings Jersey , and it can help tremendously simply by avoiding the triggering situation completely in future or reframing the situation and seeing it in a different way.

However, those aren t always possible, in which case we need to make a conscious effort to relax, and while you should be better off if you have followed my advice on taking up some form of exercise, one of the oldest ways of calming the mind leading to reduced feelings of stress is through meditation.

Meditation is usually associated with Eastern philosophies of life, with inner peace and enlightenment brought about single minded focus by concentrating in an object or idea Harrison Smith Vikings Jersey , focus on breathing or chanting. However, it doesn t have to be this and the same benefits can also come from so called active meditation, for example when you re swimming length after length and just get lost in the activity, losing all sense of the number of lengths you ve swum, time or anything other than the here and now. This can apply to most activities from any sport think about when athletes are in the zone to painting, reading Andrew Sendejo Jersey , cooking, or even washing the car!

A simple way to start meditating is to sit or lie where you are unlikely to be disturbed, dressed comfortably and warm. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing but without trying to control it just notice as you breathe in and then out again.

As you do this you ll find that your mind wanders to other thoughts, but each time you find your mind drifting you should focus it once more upon your breathing. The more you do this the better the results will be and if you can manage a single session of 15 minutes every day you ll soon find yourself dealing with stress far better than before by calming you mind you also gain control.

Rather than focus on your breath, you may wish to repeat a positive affirmation to yourself to reprogram you thoughts for example repeat to yourself I am relaxed and confident in all situations just make sure you say it with feeling and it will help boost your spirits immensely and change your way of thinking.

Often these distracting thoughts will be about the stress in your life your worries and troubles. By having less of these thoughts your body relaxes from the fight or flight response that causes prolonged stress, good for our survival when we needed to be alert of predators Kyle Rudolph Jersey , and good in certain situations in our lives, but no good at all when the response hinders our potential by being present all or most of t. MLB Jerseys Cheap   Custom Soccer Jerseys China   Football Jerseys From China   Authentic NBA Jerseys China   Authentic NHL Jerseys China   Nike NFL Jerseys China   Authentic MLB Jerseys Wholesale   College Basketball Jerseys Wholesale   Authentic NHL Jerseys China   Soccer Jerseys Online

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