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The glass curtain wall mainly makes use of 1.52mm SGP Film Laminated Glass, along with the glass curtain wall is very trendy during the development of modern cities with its stunning visual appeal and exclusive effectiveness.What exactly are the benefits of the glass curtain wall? The China Laminated Glass Supplier tells you.

1. Wonderful look:

Following the surface of the glass is anodized, it may possibly show ancient lead copper, golden, silver and white colours, which might be arbitrarily chosen and oxidized and polished. The sash frame is huge and will be set by using a sizeable spot of glass, which helps make the indoor light bright and vibrant, enhances the contrast concerning the indoor and outdoor fa?ades, and can make the residing space far more wealthy.

two. Large wind pressure resistance and decent water tightness efficiency:

As a result of its low material power and minimal rigidity, the plastic steel curtain wall has a wind resistance and watertight efficiency of about two grades reduce than that from the glass curtain wall. In addition to air tightness, the watertightness and wind pressure resistance from the glass curtain wall are better than that from the plastic steel curtain wall. Also, because the steel lining within the steel curtain wall is just not linked towards the finish frame method at the corner on the inner cavity on the profile, the window frame, The plastic welding angle in the four corners plus the 1/4 point is comparatively lower.

three. Excellent sealing performance:

The glass itself is straightforward to squeeze, the profile with the profile is exact and also the machining accuracy is substantial. Optional sealing materials with good water resistance, elasticity and durability, such as rubber bead and silicone series sealant. Regarding profiles, a variety of sealing strip fixing grooves have been completed coupled with the part during the extrusion process, building favorable problems for installing the sealing material.

four. Light excess weight, higher power:

TheĀ  Louver Glass glass material is mostly a hollow core thin-wall combined part, which is handy to make use of, minimizes fat, and has a high bending power in the segment, as well as the curtain wall is long lasting and has small deformation.
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