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BEIJING Men's ECCO Yucatan Sandals WILD DOVE TITANIUM BLACK UK Outlet , Sept. 28 (Xinhua) – Twitter has announced that it'strying to increase its tweet limit to 280 characters from the 140it had started out with and the move seems to have ruffledtweeters, who have responded with ridicule and criticism.

"NO!!!!!!" cried a protesting user with the handle DenzelMwiyeretsi. "The beauty of Twitter is fitting sense (and nonsense)into that character space. Don't mess up the core beauty of theapp."

Another, Don Nowak, advocated contraction, not expansion: "Ifanything, reduce it to 70 characters."

U.S. President Donald Trump, an avid Twitter user whose tweetscan mostly be guaranteed to kick up a storm Men's ECCO Irving Fisherman Sandals BLACK UK Outlet , was immediatelydragged into the discussion.

"Just because of Trump, it should remain at 140," weighed in auser with the handle Bora Bali. "He's creating enough damage withjust 140. Imagine arming him with 280.:-P."

A cry went up to save Twitter with The Little Sad Pixiecommenting: "We don't wanna (sic) another Facebook!#SaveTwitter."

Some have tried out the new limit. Mike Bird, one of them, gavehis reaction in a graphic tweet: "Speaking as one of the smallgroup of people who've been selected to test the 280-characterlimit, please please please please please please please pleaseplease please please please please please please please pleaseplease please please change it back you dreadful people."

Some are pointing out that this is not the change they want. AsNick Baker explained: "Twitter users: Stop racists, stop hatecrime Men's ECCO Intrinsic Black Sandals UK Outlet , stop bots, we want a chronological timeline and an editfunction… Twitter: 280 characters!"

An article in U.S. tech magazine Wired listed the six things"Twitter should have done instead of 280 characters." They includepreventing harassment, getting rid of bots and editing.

Twitter's co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey answered the criticaltweets with a tweet.

"We expected all the snark & critique for #280 characters.Comes with the job," Dorsey wrote, taking advantage of the relaxedspace limit to drive his point home.

"What matters now is we clearly show why this change isimportant, and prove to you all it's better. Give us some time tolearn and confirm (or challenge) our ideas." Enditem

An 8-year-old boy who lost his hands and feet to a serious infection has become the youngest patient to receive a double-hand transplant, surgeons said Tuesday.

Zion Harvey's forearms were heavily bandaged but his hands were visible as he flashed some big smiles Tuesday at a hospital news conference. He demonstrated his still-delicate grip and described waking up with new hands as "weird at first Men's ECCO Yucatan TARMAC Sandals UK Outlet , but then good."

The boy, from the Baltimore suburb of Owings Mills, Maryland, received the transplant earlier this month at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, though doctors did not publicly disclose the nearly 11-hour operation until this week.

A 40-person medical team used steel plates and screws to attach the old and new bones. Surgeons then painstakingly reconnected Zion's arteries, veins, muscles Men's ECCO Yucatan Sandals BLACK MOLE BLACK UK Outlet , tendons and nerves.

"He woke up smiling," said Dr. L. Scott Levin, who heads the hand transplant program. "There hasn't been one whimper, one tear, one complaint."

Zion, a bright and precocious child Levin described as having "a maturity that is way beyond his 8 years," contracted sepsis as a toddler. The resulting multiple organ failure forced the amputation of his hands and feet; by age 4 Men's ECCO Yucatan Sandals BISON Black UK Outlet , he needed a kidney transplant, receiving the organ from his mother.

Leg prosthetics have allowed Zion to be very active, including walking, running and jumping. He learned to use his forearms to write, eat and play video games and has been attending school. Physicians hope he'll now be able to achieve more milestones, including his goals of throwing a football and playing on the monkey bars.

"It was no more of a risk than a kidney transplant," his mother Men's ECCO Yucatan Sandals TARMAC MOON ROCK UK Outlet , Pattie Ray, said. "So I felt like I was willing to take that risk for him, if he wanted it — to be able to play monkey bars and football."

Several adults in the U.S. have received double-hand or double-arm transplants in the past few years. Hospital officials in Philadelphia believe Zion is the youngest person to have the surgery, which requires a lifetime of immune-suppressing drugs to ensure the body doesn't reject the new hands.

Zion already had been taking anti-rejection drugs because of his donated kidney, which made him a good candidate for the hand transplant, doctors said.

Doctors say Zion will spend several weeks in physical rehab at the hospital before returning home. Two rows of relatives attended the news conference, and they stood to be recognized at Zion's request.

"I want to say to you guys Men's ECCO Yucatan Sandals ESPRESSO COCOA BROWN BLACK UK Outlet , thank you for helping me through this bumpy road," he said.

The donor's family chose to remain anonymous.

Children's Hospital said it would not hold Zion's family liable for any costs beyond that which may be covered by medical insurance.

NANCHANG, Sept. 9 (Xinhua) – More than 50,000 teachers with over 20 years of service in rural parts of east China's Jiangxi Province were honored at an awarding ceremony on Wednesday, the eve of National Teachers' Day.

The provincial education bureau gave certificates to the teachers, most of whom struggle with a lack of resources in their remote outposts. "This is to pay our respect to those who selflessly dedicate themselves to education in the countryside," said bureau official Cheng Yuqiu.

"It is the best acknowledgment of my work Men's ECCO Chander Classic Fisherman Sandals BLACK UK Outlet ," said Li Yucai, the only teacher for about 10 students at Gaoyang School in Niwan Village of Tanying City.

Li, 59, has taught in Niwan village since he was 20 years old. In a story typical of the education gap between urban and rural China, he has witnessed a flow of teachers and students away from the village to larger townships.

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