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An English lecturer in Guangdong Province has been sacked from his position as vice department dean for publishing articles on Sina Weibo that "damaged the image of the Party and the country jordan 13 retro australia ," which analysts said would serve as a warning to ordinary Party members not to violate Party discipline.

Liang Xinsheng, vice dean of the English department at Basic Education College of Zhanjiang Normal University in Guangdong Province, was sanctioned in July for "making up political rumors" and "violating political discipline and rules," an announcement posted Wednesday on the website of Guangdong's Party discipline inspection commission read.

Liang's posts had been deleted from his Sina Weibo account as of Thursday.

"It should be noted that a Party member is different from an ordinary citizen, who can make groundless statements to vent his or her personal feelings without bearing any responsibility," Zhuang Deshui air jordan 13 australia , deputy director of the Research Center for Government Integrity Building at Peking University, told the Global Times.

The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee issued two sets of Party rules on October 21, stipulating that punishment will be imposed on those who irresponsibly make comments about national policies that are damaging to Party unity online, in publications or at seminars. Serious violators will be expelled from the Party.

According to Zhuang, the announcement can serve as a warning to all Party members, especially ordinary members. "Many people misunderstand and think that the rules only apply to high-ranking officials. The announcement shows that all Party members jordan 12 retro australia , regardless of their occupation or position, will be punished for discipline violations."

Zhuang added that college instructors also play an important part in the country's CPC ideology education.

China began emphasizing ideological education at universities at the start of 2015, when central authorities issued guidelines in January highlighting the importance of universities in championing Marxism, the Chinese Dream, socialist core values and traditional culture.

Yin Yungong, an expert on the socialist system at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences air jordan 12 australia , told the Global Times that with the diversity of thought currently prevailing in China, it is time to consolidate the leading role of Marxism and maintain socialist core values and traditional culture.

Zhuang noted that some university students are too young to make a clear distinction between right and wrong. "It's a teacher's duty to impart knowledge and educate people; they should not abuse their influence to mislead students, especially by making irresponsible comments that damage the image of the Party on social networks such as Sina Weibo."

A guideline jointly issued by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council on October 10 called for further proliferation and promotion of Party ideology at universities via the Internet, and will require college instructors to undergo at least 20 hours of ideological education every year.

LONDON, Dec. 19 (Xinhua) – Following are the English Premier League standings after the matches on Saturday (tabulated under matches played, won jordan 11 for sale australia , drawn, lost, goals for, goals against, points):

Leicester 17 11 5 1 37 24 38

Arsenal 16 10 3 3 29 13 33

Man City 16 10 2 4 32 17 32

Tottenham 17 7 8 2 28 14 29

Man Utd 17 8 5 4 22 14 29

Crystal Palace 17 9 2 6 23 16 29

Watford 16 7 4 5 18 16 25

West Ham 16 6 6 4 25 21 24

Liverpool 16 6 6 4 20 19 24

Everton 17 5 8 4 31 24 23

Stoke 17 6 5 6 14 16 23

Southampton 17 5 6 6 21 21 21

West Brom 17 5 5 7 17 23 20

Bournemouth 17 5 4 8 22 32 19

Chelsea 17 5 3 9 21 27 18

Norwich 17 4 5 8 20 29 17

Newcastle 17 4 5 8 19 32 17

Swansea 16 3 5 8 15 24 14

Sunderland 17 3 3 11 18 33 12

Aston Villa 17 1 4 12 14 31 7

BEIJING, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) – China's central government spent 4.6 billion yuan (694 million U.S. dollars) on HIVAIDS control and treatment in 2016 cheap jordan 11 australia , a health official said Tuesday.

China has established an initial network of preventative services, in which government departments take the lead and the general public also participate, said Wang Guoqiang, deputy chief of the National Health and Family Planning Commission.

The network, covering both urban and rural areas, includes HIV testing jordan 11 retro australia , treatment and follow-up observations to prevent infected patients from transmitting the virus, Wang said at the 2017 National Conference on HIVAIDS held in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.

Wang, also director of the HIVAIDS prevention and control commission of the State Council, said China has almost entirely prevented the transmission of HIV through illegal blood transfusions, the sharing of needles and mother-to-child transmissions.

"The rapid spread of the virus in some particular areas has been greatly contained air jordan 11 australia , the quality of life of HIV carriers has been improved, and social discrimination against the group has been reduced," he said.

According to official data, China had nearly 420,000 people infected with HIV and 300,000 AIDS patients at the end of June. More than 221 cheap jordan 1 australia ,000 people have died of the virus since records have been kept.

Han Mengjie, with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, estimated up to another 20 to 30 percent of HIVAIDS patients are either not aware of their infection status or have not reported it, warning that the control of HIVAIDS remains a challenge.

He said unprotected sex has become the main means of transmission, with the virus spreading among the elderly, youth and male homosexual populations.

"Prostitution and sexual activities spurred by drug abuse and social networking apps have posed threats for HIVAIDS control jordan 1 retro australia ," he said.

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